At Wish we are working as best we can to respect the environment and to develop a sustainable future.

When building Wish we had a really tight budget and did all we could to balance this with building a sustainable building using the motto       “Do it once- do it right”

This included things like-

  • saving the trees on the site
  • using the site well to maximise the sun for us and our neighbours
  • maximising thermal gain and installing well over the recommended insulation in all walls and ceilings. This helped a lot with sound transference in the rooms too
  • building a flexible building that can have a variety of uses not just as a B and B
  • using local products and buying from local companies
  • minimising building waste and recycling anything we could
  • waterproofing the whole bathroom and using tiles that should out last the building
  • installing low water use toilets
  • using composite weather boards so that the building needs less maintenance and fits with the neighbourhood. These boards have good thermal properties too
  • using eco-bulbs, halogen lighting and efficient water heating
  • buying quality beds, furnishings and linen that won't need replacing as often
  • up-cycling or recycling most of the furniture
  • recycling all the old fence rails as raised garden beds
  • using “damaged”material that would have become landfill for the fences
  • building a home with a long life that will no doubt outlast us and our children

Now we are open as a B and B we -

  • recycle, up-cycle, reduce and reuse
  • participate in the extensive kerbside recycling offered by our city council
  • use eco-cleaning products and occasionally dumpstered/discarded cleaning items that would otherwise go into landfill
  • grow our own vegetables using our own compost/mulch and we water when needed using a low use watering system on a timer
  • line dry all our washing
  • use minimal artificial heating
  • only use the car when there are at least three people in it with several jobs to do on one round trip
  • having bikes available and making our own shopping bags out of old t-shirts
  • buy local, organic in season food as much as we can
  • network with other gardeners to share our excess crops
  • support local organic farms and buy direct from producers to ensure we know where the food comes from
  • make our own jams, chutneys and baked goods because it uses excess fruit and vegetables and we know exactly what is in our food
  • ask guests what they won't eat to save food waste
  • encourage vegetarian and vegan choices as these diets impact less on the planet

We often ask our selves.. “Do we really need that?” each time we have a consumer moment!

We also

  • share sustainable and eco-friendly ideas with our guests and ask them for feedback and support so that we all know better and do better
  • Planted one native grass clump or tree in Canterbury for each guest who stayed at Wish during 2008,09,10,11 and 12.
  • encourage guests to not use a car while in Christchurch as we are only 10 minutes walk from most city attractions
  • only refresh rooms and towels during longer stays, when requested, as this saves extra energy and cleaning products
  • support and buy from artists and artisans so that Wish! Is a warm, friendly, inviting and relaxing place to stay
  • pay it forward to bands and local charities by offering low cost/free "Beds for Bands" and vouchers for fund-raising events

Happy people make better choices!          Generosity breeds Goodwill!

Ongoing Projects include-

  • Installing a rainwater recovery system/storage tank for watering the garden.. still on the Wish list!
  • This year Wish is again supporting the community and the environment. Inthe last several years we have given away many packages to community groups to use as fundraising or in a way that rewards those who need it.
  • Buying and taking school supplies directly to small communities in New Caledonia and Fiji who are struggling to get what they need.
  • Closer to home we are supporting Kits 2 Kids ( )so children in fostercare have basic supplies and something sturdy to put them in too.
  • We are helping supply food for animals on an local organic farm and supporting local organic farmers by buying direct when we can.
  • Finishing the landscaping and water features so the fish who are breeding like crazy get a new home.
  • Planting more fruit trees and developing more garden beds for vegetables and herbs.. this is ongoing until we run out of space.
  • Supporting St Albans as a Transition Community
  • Supporting local ventures especially the community gardens and  tree planting
  • Supporting Ella Soryl and her friends on the walk to Akaroa to save the Hectors dolphins.