Your Hosts

Ngarie and Garry are Australians who have made NZ home since 1999. They came on holiday and never used their return tickets. New Zealand captured their hearts and now they want to share their love of NZ with you at WISH! They have 2 adult children T'Nealle and Kale who are both into NZ music.  Both were/are in bands have supported New Zealand and international bands for the past several years.

T'Nealle is an artist,designer and musican with Bang! Bang! Eche!, who is flatting at the moment. She has opened 2 bars in Christchurch since the quakes- check out  Darkroom at  The Archive for free live music, food, art and more or The Last Word for a  quiet cocktail and chat with friends.

Kale has a computer design business and is currently working full time in the computing field. He recently bought a new home and lives locally with his yonng daughter.

Ngarie is your primary host and will try to make your stay a dream. She and has a background in Child Development and Psychology and loves cooking, art, wine and music. She has travelled widely in Europe and the South Pacific and has lived in Japan. Her latest passion is a charity called Kits 2 Kids that provides kits of essential needs for foster-care children.

Garry has a golf course maintenance and design company and mostly works behind the scenes to quietly ensure that WISH! hums along. He enjoys playing golf and has driven nearly every major road in New Zealand. He loves to BBQ and has been known to make the odd pizza from scratch!